Artist / Dexter Dalwood

This is the first set of prints Dalwood has produced. Best known for his impressive contemporary history paintings – now in many national and international collections. Contemporary political subject matter is infused with imagery appropriated from recent art history and popular culture. ‘Twyford Down’ combines Bob Dylan poster motif with Paul Nash landscape. The grand Russian interiors of ‘Cold War’ are overlaid with imagery associated with Georg Immendorf and Andy Warhol. Turner, Lichtenstein and Guston are all indicated in ‘Deluge’ where the raindrops are hand painted in the print process. Referencing Robert Motherwell’s black circle ‘Reservoir’ employs Tiananmen Square as the backdrop.

Dexter Dalwood, Cold War Dexter Dalwood, Deluge Dexter Dalwood, Reservoir Dexter Dalwood, Twyford Down

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Twyford Down, 2007, inkjet digital print, image 59.7 x 100 cm / paper 71.7 x 110 cm, courtesy Dexter Dalwood and Alan Cristea Gallery..
Dexter Dalwood, Twyford Down