Artist / Sarah Michael

"I am interested in the idea of the impossible romantic image of Britain but I have looked at something much closer to my experience - the lunacy that is tourism in Britain. These landscapes are grandiose in size and classical in composition but they are interrupted by comic moments. The characters are intended to earth the images in the true experience of tourism in Britain, which is, in my experience, is often one of getting lost, wet, hungry as much as it is one of communing with nature. The characters include a man slumped drunk under a tree after a stag weekend, a couple arguing, lost hikers, wounded walkers and territorial bird watchers. My aim is that the characters are both natural to the scene, that one could find such people in such places, but also slightly unnatural because they contrast with the romance of the landscapes." Sarah Michael

Sarah Michael, Boggle Hole Sarah Michael, Heck Ness Sarah Michael, High Droomer Sarah Michael, Jury's Gap

Jury\'s Gap, 2008, archival digital print, edition 1 of 3, 217 x 90cm, image courtesy the artist..
Sarah Michael, Jury's Gap