Artist / Susan Collis

“The tradition of trompe-l’oeil is particularly evident in Collis’s new works, in which areas of the gallery walls appear to have been left unfinished after the de-installation of the previous show. The behind-the-scenes paraphernalia of display such as screw heads, nail holes, rawl plugs and pencil marks are unusually still in evidence together with the seemingly unintentional marks associated with the production of the work…. An extraordinarily luscious list of materials accompanies these works: screw heads cast in white and yellow gold, nail holes picked out in black diamonds, rawl plugs rendered in turquoise, garnet, red jasper and brown goldstone… Removed from their original function they are subject to recitation, performing themselves, playing their parts in the fallacious cycle of art production and gallery installation.” Rosemary Shirley

Susan Collis, Made Good

Made Good, image courtesy Seventeen Gallery..
Susan Collis, Made Good